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BRAVE • is dedicated to providing a safe and informative space for individuals to share, heal and connect

We are currently offering Face to Face Peer Support Sessions Weekly, 1-2-1 Support & Online Chat support

Email us if you have any enquiries

Email :

Phone : 07930305460


We are supporting many individuals facing various challenges at the moment,

and our Donations have never been more important

Money raised helps support local people and their families with essentials to emergency support.

Please donate if you can at the link below.




Private Womens, Mens, LGBTQIA+ & other Community Group Chats to join for support.

Connect with those people in the community with lived experience, keep up to date with local oppotunities and BRAVE • News

To find out more information conact us at





We are always doing something new at BRAVE • Nottingham, and keeping involved in the community is really important to us.

Sign up to our Monthly Newsletter to keep in the loop with what we are doing at BRAVE • and the topics we are exploring.


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