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BRAVE · Nottingham is a growing community; 

having the honour of working with so many incredible individuals over the last few years.

Here's there experiences..

BRAVE・Testimonies: Testimonials

"This community has given me my life back. it has given me the best gift in the world - myself.

before I came to the BRAVE · Notts Community I didn't have any self esteem, I had a massive wall around me, and no one was getting in.

Within a week my wall came crumbling down. The women I have met and the friendships I have formed through this community has changed my life.

I am forever grateful for BRAVE · Nottingham, especially Ray. She is an amazing woman."

K. H.

"I have never met a more authentic and understanding group of people in my life. 

Coming into the groups, I felt really self conscious and scared, but everyone was so kind and empathic.

I had 1-2-1 session with Ray. I am so grateful for this woman!

She has given me my voice back to me.

I highly recommend EVERYONE book a session with Ray and join these groups : you deseve to know you are enough."


"I have struggled with anxiety, addiction, and PTSD a lot of my life. The first time I met Ray it was a bit chaotic. But this woman was able to bring me down and out of a PTSD episode, which has never happened before. Immediately I knew she was going to be different. I joined some of the BRAVE · groups, getting to do painting with the amazing Paula - so much fun! And I have been able to make friends, go on trips and outings with some wonderful people.
Thank you Ray.
You gave me a relationship with myself for the first time in 46 years."

S. M

"These people are absolutely brilliant! I've never had self worth, I had been struggling to get out of a domestic abusive household. With the continuous support from the community, volunteers and Ray, I was able to find a my own flat and finally get away! I feel safe for the first time in years, and have made some great friends in the process!"

J. B

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